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ProZ92 Cream 100ML

For all type of psoriasis

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For very severe and scalp psoriasis

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ProZ92 Kit

All you need for your psoriasis care

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Approved by the state of Germany, the United Europe, Israel and Romania
For soothing dryness, peeling and redness caused by different skin diseases and psoriasis symptoms

FDA and the Canadian natural health department approved our IND Canadian Natural health product authorization #101392 Pro Z92- the answer for psoriasis; 100% natural no steroids or cortisone, without side effects, easy to apply, It is effective for all kind of skin/scalp psoriasis from Moderate to severe psoriasis form. Clinically proven Dermatology tested; start seeing result in 1-2 weeks, awarded with 14 Patents worldwide. Manufactured by Dr. Dabour Ltd (cGMP).

Soleman Hussein, Israel

I start to use Z92, after the second week I start to see an improvement on my skin, after 6 weeks of treatments with Pro Z92 my skin cleared of psoriasis.

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Suffering from psoriasis, eczema and other skin problem?
Pro Z92 The answer for your psoriasis symptoms.

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  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92
  • before and after proz92

There were no adverse or unexpected drug-related adverse events.

Dr. Howard Yanofsky
Canadian Dermatologist

I prepare for classes and finish up a paper that I have worked on since 2014 (long story as well). I am also working on three papers for a plant used in Israel used to treat psoriasis - we are working toward getting clinical trials going with a formulation of this herb for FDA approval here in the US. The two trials that were conducted some years ago in Canada showed the plant is likely more effective than corticosteroids for most patients. The preparation is currently sold on-line as Pro Z92 (it is an interesting story). I have no monetary stake in this by the way (he said as a disclaimer, owing to the science behind this plant's use), and a substantial amount of work has gone into the development of this plant for treating psoriasis (I worked out the stability and some other things several years ago where we got approval from the FDA for an . It has at least a 1000 year ethnobotanical history which makes it even more interesting to me. We are going through the for funding of the trials, as well as additional studies on the plant itself and it will be about a year for this to come together. where efficacy and safety are both proved should help in making products more accessible to patients and we hope at the same time less costly than those sold by the big-pharma.
More by: Said Moady and Dr. Ziad Dabour; Already approved by United Europe Germany Romania and Israel.

Dr. David Kinder
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical and biomedical science
Ohio Northern University
August 29 2016

Many common remedies carry side effects, ProZ92 is different. Our formula is all natural and non-toxic. Visit our research page and our FAQs page to read the research. Then place your order.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, Psoriasis affects approximately 80 to 120 million people worldwide. It is a chronic skin condition, meaning that the disease cannot be cured but often can be controlled.